Location: Low Isles, Australia

Today was the second day we spent anchoring at the Low Isles. The day was very different from the days before as we were getting ready for our first real passage, which will start at midnight. In the morning, the second part of the diving certification took place. When the divers returned, we learned how to drive the dinghy, which was a lot of fun. Then we started to get Argo ready for sailing. First, we removed the sail covers and ran the jib sheets. Thanks to the small teams working for hand in hand, this was done very quickly. Having recharged our “batteries” during lunch, we then went through some important safety routines for a fire, man overboard, and abandon vessel situation. We also divided into watch teams and learned the watch schedule. The day is divided into 3 hours blocks, with watch teams on for 3 hours and then off for 6 hours. This took some time but was of utmost importance, and everyone was paying close attention. The rest of the afternoon was spent making Argo ready for the passage. Conducting over 20 people to get all of this done was harder than imagined, especially as we are all still learning the boat. Nevertheless, we worked through the list, and everyone lent a helping hand. We had an early dinner at 5:30 pm so that we were all finished eating and cleaned up by 7:30 pm, and ready to get a couple of hours of sleep before our midnight departure.