Location: Bequia

Hi everyone!! Welcome to my last blog of the trip 🙁 Today was so so fun, and it was David’s Birthday!! Happy Birthday David whooooo. Today started off with a fun dive for everyone – a nice break from all the Advanced Open Water training dives we have been doing. We went to Devil’s Table – a really cool reef just a short dinghy ride away from where we were anchored. The dive was so fun, and we saw lots of cool fish, including my new fave that I have discovered on this trip – the princess parrotfish. She looks as if she has been tie-dyed and is just gorgeous.

Following the dives, we had lunch and a very lovely Seamanship/Navmaster class taught by Elder Gabe, in which he attempted to soothe all of our worries about leeway and running fixes – all of which slightly confused me. Dad, if you’re reading this, you would love Navmaster – it’s all mathy and angles. I do think it’s really fun, but I always manage to get like 0.1 wrong, and it’s infuriating when that happens for the ninth time in a row. Audrey also fell asleep in class (shame), and Elene documented it in some really cute pictures I have put below. After dinner, we did a Seamester tradition – the black and white cards. We picked out two cards from a cool collection and shared some feelings about them. I had a picture of a tarot card reading and a picture of a really cute little boy running with a baguette as tall as him. I am now about to tuck myself into bed and dream of nothing but the Marine Bio exam we have tomorrow – hoping the deep sea creature doesn’t haunt my dreams. Signing out for the last time,

Zoe C.

p.s. Mia – Shuman says hi to the Vela staff 🙂