Location: Mystic, CT

Today, the crew of Argo continued to prep for their first Atlantic crossing passage. Last night we had a last-minute change of scenery at the fuel dock in Mystic because we missed the last bridge opening. Because we had to be off the dock by 0700 sharp, we left the dock when the sun was still tucked behind the eerie fog causing uber low visibility. But Captain Tim navigated us through the foggy abyss and got us to the Mystic Highway Draw Bridge. Due to some conflicting reports, we didn’t know that the bridge didn’t open until 0740, but we were feeling rather punctual, so we were there an hour early. As we waited for the bridge to open, we enjoyed handmade bagels courtesy of Brahm and the sous chefs. Finally, the bridge opened, and a very brave rower decided to play a game of chicken with a 112 ft sailboat! To say the least, our morning was quite eventful.

A little bit later in the day, it seemed to calm down. We had 3 classes…all in one day, But Sam, Smash, and Tim all made our classes go by very smoothly even though we were all slumping in our seats and our eyes were drooping. Between lunch and dinner, we worked hard to pack away the second set of provisions to prepare for our 2-week passage across the Atlantic Ocean. And we were under the impression that oodles of provisions from last night was the extent of it…we were wrong. Lolo worked hard all day yesterday and today to get enough food to feed an army.

A little bit of competition is starting to arise in light of the “Spit” tournament (the card game, of course). As we prepare for the heat to rise in this boat-wide tournament, we’re all whipping out our best deck of cards and practicing our firm table slaps. The first rounds start tonight. Stay tuned for updates!

1. Passing through the Mystic Highway Bridge
2. Nopadone leads Argo through the Mystic River back to the dock.
3. Houses on the Mystic River are blanketed with fog.
4. Brahm’s handmade bagels this morning.
5. Brian works hard to prepare the Spit tournament brackets.