Location: Mystic, CT

T-minus two days until Argo departs! After a fantastic wakeup from Skipper Ethan blaring The Final Countdown and Kanye West in all of the bunks, the Argo crew ate a delicious breakfast and then started a deep clean. Before the clean commenced the crew had the choice of bringing all the dirty laundry on deck to be sent off to the laundromat. Most people did. While we were cleaning the boat we also got to change our sheets which was nice because the starboard six man had a pungent smell protruding from it. Now it has ceased to exist. After the deep clean we had lunch and then a short period of free time, before we had to go refuel Argo at a local fuel dock. After Captain Tim miraculously parallel parked Argo, we sat there for more than an hour eating and fuelling about 2,000 gallons at 13 gallons a minute give or take. After the long wait we did squeeze and reamined snugged up on the fuel dock for the night. The crew began a heated “Spit” tournament. The tournament ended with one victor and the crew passed out in their bunks catching some Z’s before the next day.

A Poem From Argo

Who are these people? where are they from?
Battered by rough seas I’m feeling quite glum
Whats this you say? We’re crossing again?
Where are we going? could it be Spain?
Without a warning without a doubt
Say this to me and i might just pout
But maybe it wouldn’t be so bad
Maybe I should be more glad than sad
Sailing is what I do for I am a ship
I mustn’t turn back I must make the round trip
Off to Spain then the Canaries
A sturdy ship I am, not these dumb ferries
Back across the Atlantic Antigua is last
For 18 year olds without parents surely a blast
Then its goodbye possibly forever
Thank you for joining on my daily endeavour.

Autumn colors across the Mystic River, crew having a time cleaning, Lolo carrying 1,000 pounds down the dock, The crew restocking all the food; Amanda, Sophia, and Mella having fun in the dinghy after helping nudge us onto the fuel dock.