Location: Mystic, CT

We started off the morning with some delicious pan-crepes (we couldn’t decide which they were) made by Capt. Tim and Julie. After cleanup we had Seamanship, where Brahm patiently helped us stumble through learning different knots. Although almost everyone was able to get the six knots that he taught us down, we’re all sure we’ll’ve forgotten them by tomorrow!

After class, we had a bit of down time to either catch up on some schoolwork, continue to learn about the dinghy, help Smash and LoLo on deck, or in my case, wash laundry. Everyone met back together for a delicious lunch cooked by our amazing chefs (Tim, Julie, and JP). Soon after lunch cleanup, Amanda and Sam led us in our first lab.

Amanda led half the group in catching and studying phytoplankton and zooplankton with microscopes. Everyone took turns trying to figure out exactly what the squiggles were and, as Amanda called them, “squirmy wormy things” closely resembled in our reference books. Halfway through, we switched to on deck with Sam, where we studied and recorded salinity and chemical components of the ocean. It was a lot of fun to discuss and learn more about what we’re getting ready to sail across.

After dinner, which was once again, fantastic, we said our appreciations and answered what subject we would want to teach. We have a short Oceanography lesson with Sam in a few minutes, and afterwards I think everyone’s looking forward to hanging out, playing some cards, and enjoying each other’s company. All-in-all, it was a great day, with a lot of anticipation and excitement for our upcoming Atlantic crossing.

Knot class with Brahm, lab with Amanda, on deck with Sam, Liam and Sarah demonstrating their hand clapping skills, dinner and the beautiful sunset, squeeze