Location: Ahe Atoll, Tuamotos

As Robert likes to say, we had a day! In the morning, we took a speedboat ride to a local pearl farm. We were greeted by the cutest pearl farm dogs that we all wanted to take back to Argo. Then, we saw some farmers in action, cracking open oysters in order to find the pearl, then replacing it with a seed to start the process all over again. We were able to learn about the whole process thanks to our wonderful fluent French speaker, Audrey. After the tour, we had the opportunity to sift through hundreds of pearls in order to find our favorites to purchase. After the pearl farm fun, we went back to Argo for lunch and split up into two groups. Half of the crew went diving and had fun cleaning the laz and topsides, while the other group had some shore time to explore the small town. I was part of the group that had shore time, and most of us went snorkeling and talked with some locals that treated us with coconuts. After a long day, we all came together for dinner and a sentimental squeeze question as we approached the end of the program.