Location: Gorda Sound, BVI

Today, we started off with a quick breakfast, and then it was off to go get the two keelboats for a morning lesson. After sailing around in the keelboats, we had soup for lunch. Then the games were on – we rented three Hobie cats and got into three groups of six. We had three races involving a little tacking and a little jobing. Team “hobiestone” (my team) went undefeated in all three races. Some thought T-boning was involved, but we all know that team “hobiestone” dominates. After the races, we all participated in some leisure activities, like windsurfing. Then, it was off to the BBQ on the beach with Action Quest. After the BBQ, we had our second OCE slideshow, which got canceled due to extreme foul weather. So our crew suited up and got Ocean Star ready for the squall. It was supposed to be our first night out, but the storm canceled that, and instead, we watched Pirates of the Caribbean.