Location: St. Pierre, Martinique

Today started off with an early wake-up and an apple pancake breakfast to make it worthwhile. The reason we got so early was to catch an 8:00 taxi to our hike of Mt. Pele. The 20-minute drive was full of rolling hills and pleasant scenery. When we arrived it started to downpour, a little discouraging but we continued onward. The trail had winding turns, ups and downs, and a steep rocky path to make the hike more interesting. As we got higher, the fog and mist got thicker and of course, the rain got heavier. When we reached the halfway point we decided to stop at a little shack to eat lunch. The water had been flooding the abandoned building making it a 12-inch deep swimming pool. After lunch we made the decision to head back down because of the heavy rain. The trail that we had used to make our way up had become a rushing waterfall, but we made it down with the help of our goat noises. The day was finished with some pizza baguettes and apple pie.