Location: St. Barts

Hello everyone, and welcome to Day 58 on O Star! The crew kicked off the morning early with a 5:45 wake-up so we could go for a walk and get some French pastries before brekkie. We got some eclairs, croissants, beignets, cappuccinos, juice and more. On our stroll back, we saw a double rainbow (only the first of a few that we got to see today). Our chefs were also busy in the galley and made some delicious French toast. After breakfast, we headed right into cleanup. Here were our jobs for the day: We had Alaina as headmaster to clean the bathrooms, Thomas as steward to clean the saloon, and Luc as head chef with sous chefs Drew and Allie K. On deck, we had Freddie as up gopher, our salties were Heather, Allie J, and Selin, and our dryers were Amelia and Olivia, who doubled as trashmaster. Our deckies were Meg and Mike, and I was skipper.

After clean up, we had marine biology class with Meg and learned about marine birds and reptiles. Then we had seamanship class with Freddie and learned how to find your Course to Steer with leeway and current. We are nearing the end of lectures before our Navmaster exam. We had some free time after classes and put away all of the food from Heather’s provision. We had some sandwiches for lunch and did a hasty clean up to head into a fun and relaxing afternoon of leadership class. We got some snacks out, got to turn on the AC, and watched the movie Passengers, discussing some ethical scenarios. We had some technical difficulties with the TV but got it working (thanks, Heather). After the movie, we enjoyed some shore time. Some of us showered, and others went to the shops. Mike took advantage of the land time and got a haircut, as can be seen in the photos. We came back to O Star for an amazing falafel dinner (thanks, Drew) and ended the meal with the squeeze question, “If the person to your left were to go to jail, what would it be for?” This sparked some hilarious answers, including riding whales at marine parks, causing mayhem in the streets in a tye-die outfit, and riding all the roller coasters you are too short to ride. Because we are docked, we have the luxury of getting ice cream after dinner. We returned for a windy night of dock watch.

Looking forward to a shore day tomorrow!

See you again in 13 days 🙂