Location: Andritxol, Mallorca

After a night of slow sailing, bioluminescent protists, and distant lightning storms, we all woke up this morning to a beautiful sunrise and towering cliff faces as we approached Mallorca. Here we began to split into our dive groups for the day. The majority of our time alternated between dives and studying as we have several exams bearing down on us this week. While diving today, we were surrounded by dozens of small jellyfish, damselfish, and even a moray eel. However, the tail end of the dives was cut short because a lighting storm found its way into our harbor. This made food provisioning, an already intensive process, that much more intensive. All the food brought from onshore had to be individually dried as it came down below, a task that can be very exciting with the appropriate music selection and when your chain gang turns into the scene from the Hobbit movie with food and dishes being tossed and passed all through the galley. Dinner was delicious, and of course, only eaten up on deck where we hunkered down in our foulies as we had a particularly soggy Squeeze. Our evening wrapped up with Leadership Class and video about one of the pioneers of educational sailing, Irving Johnson. Tomorrow we plan on continuing our dive training!

Pictured: the beautiful views arriving in Mallorca; the mad dash of drying groceries before putting them away; and Claire is smiling about all our fresh provisions.