Location: Barcelona/Underway to Andritxol, Mallorca

This morning the Argo crew had to say a sad goodbye to Barcelona and our superyacht neighbors. After we completed our pre-passage prep, we were underway to Mallorca to continue our diving adventures. So far, we have had an easy sail fueled by yummy noms and classes about the crazy world around us. By the end of this voyage, you can expect us to be competent algae and silt enthusiasts. During our squeeze, we discussed where and when in time we would travel to for a study abroad. Our choices ranged from dinosaurs to Roman times to the mid-1900s to the future of space exploration, but we all agreed that ultimately, we wouldn’t want to spend this fall abroad any other way. We are settling back into our watch routines now, and with each passage, we feel more and more comfortable on our rockin little home.

Pictured: Most of the crew enjoying dinner underway to Andritxol, Mallorca.

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