Location: Barcelona, Spain

Day 23 Report! Currently 2200 hours. The dashingly handsome new Penguin Skipper Rick went for the title as the Best Skipper so far.
The crew is currently asleep, but what a day they had.
It started shockingly when Private, aka Emmalee, aka “Feisty Shrimp,” accidentally set off the fire alarm while cooking a most satisfactory breakfast at about 0615 hours. After the situation was resolved and the crew went back to sleep for a little more shut-eye, I did what only a great skipper would do after an incident like that and woke them each up lightly with a smile. Then, after approximately 15 minutes, when the food was getting cold, and bodies started stirring, a good wake up tune was needed to start the day right, something like “Eye of the Tiger” at full volume in the salon to jump-start the day! After some good french toast and some fruit, we started our Seamanship class, where we learned a few tricks like how to measure distance longitudinally and find positions with coordinates from given points. Afterward, the crew was allotted some time ashore in Barcelona.
Kowalski and Rico, aka Jonas and Jake, spent this free time getting some good gelato and finding a cool statue of Christopher Columbus and the Aquarium while Private was enjoying a run around the city.
Some civilians and I spent our time at the Picasso Museum. We spent the rest of our time looking for some nic nacs and nom noms. The booths and stores down along the port edge of the city could be described as the most diverse selection known to man. We are ranging from Kentucky Fried Chicken and small bracelets to designer clothing and wild tapestries.
Another bunch of civilians aboard the boat led by one named Peter, who must be obsessed with gelato or something and found the best gelato in Barcelona. This shop was SOO good that Peter visited it for three days in a row. When asked about the maximum number of scoops on a cone the day before and given an answer of maybe five small scoops and they had become accustomed to Peter’s reply of “No. Big ones.” As a result of this incident, they remembered his memorable moment from the day before, gave him five free scoops today, and he became “one of the family.”
Even the captain got out in the sunshine today! Wiggy took a small exploration around the city on a bike to make up for yesterday.
Everyone aboard, the crew (including the four Penguins from Madagascar), and the staff enjoyed their day and remains appreciative to be on a journey as great as this with such supporting families back home.

-Reference to the Penguins of Madagascar, Aric as the “Skippah” and the others as Kowalski, Rico, and Private.

Note to Home: Mom and Dad, Love you lots. Ashley, Hey, from Barcelona, Sissy! Scarlett, Hello, my Pretty XOXO!! Royce, better stay out of trouble, kid XO. Jake, miss, hanging with ya bro. AJ saw only one Corvette in Barcelona but a ton of Porches. Uncle Brian, I found a performer that looks just like you! Uncle Bill, I used you in our first paper 🙂

Skipper Rick, signing out.

Pictured: Tasty gelato in Barcelona: some of the views and blue skies in Barcelona: and Ben, Jake, Peter, Jonas, and Cylas after Peter scored his free giant gelato cone.

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