Location: Admiralty Bay, Bequia

As we sleepily climbed up the companionway at 7:30 this morning, we found the deck wet and the sky gray. Clouds shrouded the pastel houses set in the hillsides around us. Today turned out to be the first rainy day of the trip, but everyone’s spirits ran high. The New England contingent felt especially thankful to be in the warm Caribbean rather than shoveling snow. Sam and Matty treated us to monkey bread for breakfast, and then we had a review of basic seamanship for our upcoming ICC exam. While some shipmates headed off in dinghies to complete the first dives for their group research projects on fish and coral diseases, Sam completed her Open Water Diver certification. Yay Sam! A quick trip into the brightly-colored town of Port Elizabeth allowed us to indulge in fresh fruit, pizza, ice cream, and cakes. Then we hurried back to Ocean Star to set up gear for our afternoon dive, a tugboat wreck lying just outside of Admiralty Bay. The chefs outdid themselves tonight with fish sandwiches, salad with walnuts and craisins, and French fries. It turns out, Mahi still tastes amazing on the second day. We’re now on our way into town for a night out at the Whale Boner, a hangout named in honor of Bequia’s traditional whaling industry. Good night from the damp but ever-lovely Grenadines.