Location: Bequia

T’was another amazing day for the ‘Star of the Ocean,’ and her crew. After some intense SLD classes (leadership development), we have all collectively decided to be a tribe. That makes me, formerly skipper of the day, now- Chief of the day! It will be important for you to understand this as the tribe moves forward through our spiritual and tangible adventures in the Caribbean. Today we tried something new, which of course, we immediately succeeded at. We sailed right off the anchor in the Tobago Cays. Once we arrived in Bequia, we sailed onto the anchor. For those non-seamen out there, this means that we are now able to sail all the time and not use the engine at all. Both of these herculean tasks were accomplished with students on the helm. Our reliance on our staff for sailing is becoming less and less, although they will always be an integral part of the tribe.

We had a nice straight shot sail, and we even got the flying jib out for the first time since the B.V.I.’s. Our cruising speed was approximately 8 knots, and we even got to pass some other boats, a rare occurrence for the behemoth of a ship we have. The other exciting part of the day involved a beautiful Mahi. With our lines trolling behind the boat, this fish really caught our eye. Literally, we hooked it in the eye, which was a little sad. This twenty or thirty-pound fish was reeled in, and it took a tribe effort to ‘heave to’ so we were just drifting. Once this monster was on deck, after a decently long battle, those of us who could handle the gore got a small biology lab and a “how-to” lesson on filleting a fish. The fish provided us with approximately 12 pounds of meat, which we made into some fresh fish tacos for dinner. Once in Bequia, we got to explore onshore for a bit, and now we have to run off to our next Oceanography class with Coach Ivy. Stay tuned for more from the adventurous crew as we make our way around the rest of the Caribbean.