Location: Tobago Cays

Today the group was all over the Tobago Cays checking off all the activities that they had yet to do before our early departure tomorrow. In the morning, after a biology lecture on algae, some of the group found their way over to the closed-off sea turtle protection area to swim with the turtles and check out the starfish. Others had their heads in the books finishing up on their biology papers due later in the day. After lunch, we set up one of my personal favorite past times on the boat, the boom swing. We swing the main boom all the way out until the end of it is hovering 15 or twenty feet over the water on the side of the boat, then we hoist it, so the tip of the boom is 15 feet over the water. A line is rigged so that we can swing from the side of the boat and fly out into the water. Great fun was had all around as some crew tried their hand at backflips, dives, and a few flops. Tonight we are going to have a quick leadership class, followed by a corresponding activity, and we’ll round the day out by watching Pirates of the Caribbean, filmed right here, under the stars on deck!