Location: English Harbor, Antigua

So today everyone woke up to some rain, which cleared up for breakfast only to start pouring again halfway through. I should mention that our passage to Barbuda was cancelled because of some stormy weather, and today we sat at the dock and tried to get ahead with classes. Our first mad dash from the rain was within an hour of wakeup and really set the tone for the day. After drying the salon, we eventually settled down for an MTE class on dead reckoning. Ian made up the most descriptive and dramatic scenarios for why we couldn’t use electronics to navigate, including dialogue between crewmembers and even a couple thunder impressions. Then we went on a tour of Nelson’s Dockyard, a historic fortified anchorage for British ships in the 1800’s and currently Ocean Star. Riley broke a tree trying to get some fruit. Anya cooked a fantastic lunch, and halfway through it started raining. This one was a lot more dramatic because we saw the wall of rain coming over the hills, so we started running around, grabbing food, and closing hatches. There was a lot of yelling involved but looking back, I think it was pretty organized. After lunch we had an OCE class to finish up those lit review presentations, then dive master Dani and dive master Lo, as we address the dive master candidates, practiced a rescue scenario while the rest of us sorted through photos, caught up on journal entries, and enjoyed some free time. For dinner, we opted to just eat down below, as one day can only contain so much rain fleeing. Everyone’s just cleaning up now but soon we’ll be heading over to a nearby restaurant to practice navigation. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll be able to sail to St. Barths if the weather clears up, but otherwise it’ll just be another chill day to catch up on sleep and schoolwork and enjoy Antigua.