Location: Underway to Darwin

Waking up at the crack of dawn; not really my cup of tea, but what are you going to do. Anyways I poured my extra-strong espresso coffee and went on with the day. It was sunny out but not much wind, and you could hear and see the morning hustle and bustle over on Thursday Island. I don’t know about everyone else on board, but I was itching to get back underway. Looking at the weekly schedule, I felt that my day of being skipper would not be too eventful. All we had to do is go to class and start our voyage to Darwin. Simon had told us the previous day that the wind would be blowing 25 to 30 knots and that we would be smooth sailing all the way. It turned out to be a little less. In order to reach Melville Island and go on our tour of the aborigine culture, we had to make a medium pace of 6.5 knots. We ended up making that, but with the help of our slow-turning cat engine, revved up to thirteen hundred RPMs. So it was slow sailing and hot as an oven, but I was optimistic. After a while, everyone started to joke around and enjoy the 360 degrees of ocean that only a fraction of people on our planet earth gets to see. With fishing lines in the water and some fun classes, the day panned out to be another great day aboard Argo. It wasn’t till after dinner when everyone was trying to clean up, that I had to catch a three-foot Yellowfin tuna on my hand line. Everyone basically stopped what they were doing to come watch me real the thing in. It was hectic everyone was fascinated with Simons filleting capability. Chris got some cool pictures of the fish that we could talk about in class. After that ordeal, watch teams started up, making sure that the boat was on the set course. One thing that I noticed was that our group of twenty-seven was starting to connect and laugh, making our “working group” become more of a team.