Location: Underway to Fernando De Noronha

As we settle back into the routine of passage life, I can’t help but wonder whether it’s been one long day or one short week. Looking across one of the vastest and most barren places in the world might be daunting to your average landlubber, as the thought of no outside human contact for hundreds of miles all around might cause a feeling of disconnect. However, on Argo, with our hearty crew of sailors and explorers intellectuals, this task holds a much different weight in our hearts. We’ve begun to realize just how connected we really are as we must work together, one cohesive unit with a common goal. Rather than fear the distance of land, we embrace the comforts within each other and learn to enjoy and savor each and every moment as it’s thrown at us. We respect and admire the vastness and endlessness of our surroundings, understanding that while we may feel the illusion that there is no other life around us, we are actually atop one of the most abundant sources of life on the planet. The occasional spotting of whales, whale sharks, and sharks reminds us of the massive potential of life our oceans possess, a humbling experience that only furthers our appreciation for the experience we are undertaking when we see the schools of hundreds of flying fish peaking from beneath foamy crests; we understand they aren’t too unlike us, another team with unified intention.
Today was just another immaculate day in the middle of the South Atlantic. Blue skies atop blue waters so deep in the hue you can’t help but pinch yourself just to check if what you are seeing is real. The day was like many we’ve faced before, yet entirely unique in the interactions and moments cherished, from every conversation to the moments spent sweating lines and working together as the strong team we’ve become. The one unique academic feature of the day that must not be overlooked was the first official test for the IYT 200 Ton Master of Yachts Theory course, a professional certificate that, if accomplished, sets individuals on the path to becoming professional captains who may one-day sails their own vessels, not unlike Argo. I ask you to wish them the best as scores will be coming in shortly.
One final note for those back home. Learn from us what we’ve learned from Argo, Seize the moment, embrace all of your failures, and recognize all of your successes. After all, we’re in this together.