Location: Green Island, Antigua

We had a guest lecturer in Oceanography today! Rather than Ivy teaching us, our captain, Kris, explained global wind patterns with some phenomenal diagrams. The guys getting Rescue Diver certified spent the day learning search and rescue routines and then practicing their skills in the water (much to everyone else’s amusement). We watched as they towed each other around the boat and then attempted to carry each other up Ocean Stars wobbly rope ladder. Those of us who were not getting Rescue Dive certified had the entire day to relax and enjoy ourselves. Some of us climbed up to the crow’s nest for a stunning view, while others swam with a colossal barracuda that was patrolling the boat. This fish had to be at least 5 feet long! After lunch, we fashioned a boom swing by pulling the boom out and running a line to swing on. A few people did some outstanding backflips off the swing. Others tried but were not quite as successful. There were many back-flops. After a few harrowing leaps off the boom swing, a few of us headed to Green Island, a small, completely undeveloped island outside of Antigua. Green Island was riddled with trails, birds, lizards, and century plants that look like aloe plants the size of Volkswagen bugs. After exploring the island, we took to the beach for some much-needed rest and relaxation. Once we scoffed down some dinner, SLD class commenced, and we began brainstorming for our Ocean Star newsletter Telltale, an exciting end to a glorious day!