Location: 36 25.7' N 016 28.0' W

Today I woke up with the rest of my watch team to start our day off with the 12-4 a.m watch. We all gathered in the cockpit, and the watch was handed over from watch team 2 to us (watch team 3). After getting settled in, everyone took turns going below deck to make a late-night snack. Unfortunately, we’re experiencing a ramen drought, so I settled for a hot drink instead! The four hours went by very quickly, and soon it was time to wake the next watch team-up. Once our team was relieved, everyone hurried from the cockpit in an attempt to get into their warm bunks as quickly as possible! We slept till noon and were woken up to a great lunch of vegetable curry with pita bread. Lunch was quite rocky due to the sea state, and making your way through the line is quite tricky while trying not to slip or spill your food. After we finished lunch, everyone cleaned up as usual and had a Seamanship class as well as a leadership class. Finally, dinner came around, which was a very nice pasta bowl. We ended dinner with a squeeze and clean up and then everyone that was off to watch a movie called Super Bad before bed.

Picture 1- Jessie, Dylan, James, and Calum having a great time in the dishy pit.
Picture 2- Great Sunset selfie with Ale and me.
Picture 3- Courtney passing her PSCT COLREGS exam! 🙂