Location: Green Island Antigua

Today we started the first day of rescue diving. I can think of no better place to teach this class than in the picturesque area of Green Island. It all started off with a briefing on the logistics of the class, followed by knowledge reviews. The class was then split into two groups, dive team Casey and dive team Beaker. Shipmates were briefed on some rescue scenarios and hopped in the water. The fist skills that we worked on were self rescue skills and how to deal with tired and panicked divers at the surface. From the boat the rescue training may have appeared chaotic, as there was a lot of splashing and yelling going on, however the divers were in control of the situation and it was a great learning experience for all. After a life ring tossing competition and a nice lunch of mac and cheese the divers had class to learn how to deal with panicked divers while underwater. They were also briefed on how to perform search patterns underwater. Soon the divers were in the water practicing these skills. Saving each other and swimming around looking for lost dive weights. I think it was great day, and I’m sure people are looking forward to rescue day 2.