Location: Green Island, Antigua

This morning started with a commotion on deck and a 6:30 wakeup for our first red alert lost diver scenario for our rescue diver certification. Everyone quickly appeared on deck and assembled their gear. Pre-dive questions were asked by various students. Nearly all rescue divers were in the water within seven minutes, a rather impressive feat. After a long search for the “lost divers” (dive weights) most were recovered. A post dive breakfast burrito bonanza then ensued. Shortly after cleanup we dove into our fourth knowledge review and back into the water to work on more rescue skills. Upon returning to the surface we noticed a much darker Mac beginning to degrease himself after volunteering to clean out the engine room bilge. After lunch, we continued rescue diver with our last review and skills training. At the end of class we ran group scenarios of everything we have covered including buoyant ascents, panicked divers, and unresponsive divers. Everyone worked hard and proved there knowledge of the skills. Now we are all on red alert and at any time we could be summoned to save lost or distressed divers. Once all our gear was broken down Graham, Sam, Chris, Ben, Max, Chad, Drew, David, and Casey went ashore to gather firewood and construct our grill for the beach cookout. When everyone else arrived ashore we found not only a large stack of firewood, but a 6ft tipi style bonfire and not just a grill, but a “manio” complete with stone cooking area, coral skeleton decorative siding and a vase with flowers. To top it all off they had also carried two large pieces of drift wood that we used for benches. We enjoyed fresh from the grill hamburgers and hotdogs and a rather complicated lighting of the bonfire. With a nearly full moon beaming upon us we put out the small remaining fire and returned to the boat for a full nights rest to be ready for whatever tomorrow may bring.