Location: Green Island, Antigua

We passed the day at Green Island with two classes and ample free-time; the day began with oatmeal for breakfast at 7:30, proceeded by MTE class on weather and marine biology on estuaries. Between class and lunch, Ben completed his navigation dive, with Roxy as his buddy, and returned to the boat giving her rescue breaths every 5 seconds simulating an emergency as one of our scenarios. The crewmembers on deck were then required to bring Roxy up on deck; we completed the obvious steps of calling for help and grabbing the oxygen, but, for the life of us, couldn’t figure how to get Roxy up on deck; Beaks and Casey watched, I imagine, greatly amused. As we were talking, Ben’s head came bursting up over the cap-rail, Roxie draped around him! He had climbed up the ladder. We ate lunch at noon and crew members passed the afternoon by studying, writing our marine biology essays, exploring the beach, swimming and wind-surfing. Previous to dinner, there was a call of “all hands to deck” because of an approaching squall. We took down the main tarp, the fore-tarps, and the tables and ate down below. We watched “Blue Planet” at 7:00 and stepped out on deck to so much moon light that it almost seemed like day.