Location: English Harbour, Antigua

The day started early with a seven A.M. breakfast of sugar-free cereal and milk. Then the crew began to prepare for the voyage from Green Island to English Harbour. The shipmates removed sails and capsized sheets. Finally, Ocean Star left Green Island. The voyage passed without incident. That is except for an epic fight with a wahoo. Just off Cape Shirley, the depth alarm sounded. No sooner had our captain dismissed the clarion call as large fish beneath the keel, than the starboard fishing rod jerked to life. Without hesitation, Jeff took hold of the rod. After countless runs the behemoth rose into our view. The shipmate on the rod fought the mighty fish. Our first mate masterfully gaffed the fish in his meaty stomach, but with a crack like thunder the fish broke free and dove down into the depths. The boat docked. The crew completed a quick clean and provisioned. Dinner was a scrumptious mix of chicken, pasta, and red sauce with a surprise treat of brownies. Class was OCE.