Location: Green Island, Antigua

This morning, we had beautiful Chinese pop songs as wake-up music while chefs were busy preparing a delicious breakfast. After enjoying sausages, mashed potatoes, baked biscuits, and melons for breakfast, everybody was ready for our morning class, MTE. Tor and Nick taught us more about how to navigate using charts. Then, we did another rescue diver theory class, and all of the students were so excited for actual hands-on practice this afternoon. For lunch, we had delicious nachos with sweet corn, chips, and chicken. Immediately after lunch, rescue diver students finished setting up SCUBA dive gear, then we got a briefing from Tor and got into the ocean to swim towards our training spot. We practiced the scenarios of rescuing tired and panicked divers. We learned how to rescue divers from our boat using all kinds of tools we have on board. All of us enjoyed ourselves while we practiced. Throughout the day, divemaster candidates also practiced their skills in the water. Then, SHOWER TIME! We had a new nozzle on the hose, so it felt like a REAL shower! Feeling refreshed after showers, we had a fantastic dinner composed of fish, salad, chicken, and rice. The evening consisted of class with Carolyn for Oceanography, which was fun because it was a review of a lot of what we have learned in OCB class, and so it was very interactive as we all called out answers. Some of us are doing plankton tows or finishing analyzing sediment data for our research projects; then, it is off to bed!