Location: Barbuda

Today started with a pretty standard morning, waking up at seven, eating breakfast, and getting prepared for another great day aboard Ocean Star. After breakfast, the rescue diving students split off to do rescue theory and training. Today they learned and practiced how to take an unresponsive diver from the ocean bottom to the surface and safely back to a dinghy. While they practiced this, the rest of the shipmates got to relax and study while awaiting their return. After everyone got back on board, we launched into passage prep and got Ocean Star ready to sail to Barbuda. Today’s sail was beautiful and a bit lumpy. The wind started out really strong but quickly died out, so we powered through the rollers. The sail took longer than expected, so after dinner, our all-star staffing team anchored us while we students took a marine biology class. After class, we took very quick ocean showers and got ready for bed. It’s weird to think we only have twenty days left on our voyage, but I’m sure they will all be great.