Location: Barbuda

Today we were woken with some sweet tunes, except for Nick, who got the maraca instead and ate some delicious french toast, ready for another beautiful day in the Caribbean. After the clean-up was finished, we were taken ashore to a white, sandy beach with crystal blue water and walked over to meet our water taxi. When aboard, we were given a tour of a frigate bird sanctuary. Barbuda is home to a huge breeding ground of frigates, and people travel from all over to see them here. We were all amazed at how cool these birds looked and found them pretty fascinating. After the tour, we had some time to hang around on the beach while we waited to get picked up and taken back to Ocean Star. Some crew members took the opportunity to swim the beautiful water, while others walked along the beach or just hung out in the sand. After getting back, lunch was served, and we continued on with the 2nd half of our day. After lunch, rescue divers in training completed more practice, which included learning how to use emergency oxygen and learning various tired-diver tows (which they practiced up on deck and were quite amusing to watch out of the water). Divemasters practiced as well and studied for their big exam tonight (wish them luck!). Ty and Nick grilled up some delicious burgers for dinner, and now we are preparing for our night passage to St. Barts! Another day, another country here on the wonderful O-Star.