Location: Elba, Italy

This morning’s passage was the last segment of several days’ worth of activity. We continued to trade stories of our day in Rome as we scanned the horizon for lights and braced ourselves to keep the boat on course against its windward pull. After an 80 nautical mile passage with clear views of the lights of coastal Italy and the mountainous islands on either side, we arrived in Porto Ferrario, Elba, at about 10 AM. After rinsing the salty crust off Argo, the shipmates gathered to examine some unique specimens scraped from our hull. The afternoon brought a much-anticipated block of free time. Some chose to go onshore to begin to uncover Elba’s rich history, while others took the time to catch up on their sleep, soak up the sun with a book, or continue studying for our OCE midterm, which we’ll take tomorrow. When we reconvened over beef stroganoff for dinner, we all felt rejuvenated and ready to continue our exploration of Elba in the coming days.