Location: Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda

Buenos Noches Padres y Amigos, greetings from Spanish Harbour. We have returned to the Harbor after a thrilling day in Gorda Sound, learning the specific ins and outs of sailing. My day started out smoothly, awakened at 6 am to a beautiful and calming sunrise. Almost too calming because my eyes stayed pretty heavy until the chefs (Tiffany and Melissa) presented my favorite breakfast, cheese eggs, and salsa. In fact, they continued to serve my favorite meals all day with Turkey Sandwiches for lunch and a Mexican Dinner. Right away, basically at the crack of dawn, Kevin jumped right into the water and stunned the shipmates with his skill and talent for kiteboarding. He was literally able to shoot himself 20ft in the air with nothing but an oversized kite. Our motor back to Spanish Town went smoothly, well actually, the wind was kicking today, and it rocked and rolled us, so much so that I got to sneak in a quick nap on the way (Thank God for sunscreen!). In the afternoon, after a brief review of some of the SCUBA techniques, we headed to land. Real land. Last night we hit up an isolated restaurant that could only be reached by boat. This afternoon was the real deal. All the parents out there waiting for phone calls from the kiddies should be made aware that there were NO PHONE CARDS AVAILABLE on this Island and by the look of the shopkeepers, I’m not sure if any of the islands we visit will have them available (sorry mom I’m trying!) but we will continue to look. Onshore I got to get ice cream and ice-cold coca-cola, a nutritionally healthy meal to keep my mind and body sound for the next month. I also had the amazing opportunity to challenge a local to a few games of pool (probably the only sport that doesn’t require aerobic activity, my favorite!) 3 games later, and the results were as follows: Game 1- Lynn wins; Game 2- Lynn wins by default; Game 3- Lynn loses by default. Pretty even skill levels. This place was one of the coolest pool halls I have ever played in, if you could call it a pool hall. Completely open-aired, only real standing wall. Reggae music playing in the background, and everyone speaking a language I couldn’t place. Definitely one of the coolest and most unique experiences I have ever had. I have found that with a game like pool, everyone in American tends to have different variations of the rules but surprisingly, this young man played by exactly the rules I was brought up playing with. I also met a man whose son goes to school in Greensboro, a town right outside of the town of Winston-Salem, where I just so happen to go to school. Small world. Tomorrow is going to be a very exciting day, and I have an anchor watch tonight from 4 am to 5 am, so now is my time to sign off. Peace.