Location: Gorda Sound, Virgin Gorda

If I could summarize today with only one word, that word would be, you guessed it, FUN!!! We started this glorious day with a pancake breakfast compliments of Head Chef Chris and Sous Chef Brenna (Eh?). After a hasty cleanup and some ample sunscreen application, we set out on two IC 24 sailboats. These little sloops clearly illustrated the points of sail to many confused shipmates as well as providing everyone with a little relaxation. Next on the agenda was the PADI Open Water Final Exam. Our 7 open water trainees have been performing outstandingly on this voyage and, of course, passed the test with flying colors. After a quick lunch, we set out on a little adventure known as Hobie Carnage. This relay race consisted of two Hobie Cats (small catamaran sailing boats), 16 racers, and some serious adrenaline, sweat, and tears. Although the obviously more skilled “Team Awesomest” put forth an outstanding effort, the underdog “Team Fantabulous” took the win for the day. After returning for some quick showers, the crew of Ocean Star set out for a BBQ with the younger Action Quest sailors. Shortly following the BBQ came some R n R at Saba Rock. Some lucky sailors finished the night with a lovely hour of anchor watch. Overall this day proved to be more like a Caribbean Vacation than an exploration Voyage. Fair Winds and Following Seas to all.