Location: Underway to the Cape Verde Islands

We awoke to another beautiful morning today for our second full day of passage to the Cape Verde Islands. Watch team 2 had the first watch after the sun rose and got to work early. We polished and rust busted our designated area of the boat until it was nice and shiny. After lunch we had Student Leadership Development class where we discussed the morals and ethics of some unlikely hypothetical scenarios that Sam and Leah had put us in. After some eventful yet friendly debating we jumped right into science class. We had Oceanography class where we continued to learn about weather patterns, and the Coriolis Effect and the winds and currents that we will be using to help us cross the Atlantic. After class we got ready for a delicious dinner of enchiladas, and then continued with our watch teams. Before dinner some of girls in Focscle had a very in-depth discussion about which was better: Recess Peanut Butter Cups or Recess Pieces, and after about 15 minutes the clear winners were the cups. There’s nothing like a good debate about candy while sailing down the coast of Africa into the sunset with no land in sight.

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