Location: Underway to the Cape Verde Islands

As the routine of underway life takes over, the days begin to blur together. Was today day 3 or day 4? of our passage to the Cape Verde Islands. They all seem so similar. Cereal during morning watch, lunch at 12:00, followed by classes, deck showers, and finally ending with dinner at 18:00; wasn’t this yesterday? The routine was however momentarily broken as we shifted dinner below decks due to rain, however it only lasted a few minutes so we ended up skipping the before dinner squeeze in order to get watch teams feed before the 18:00 change. Also of interest we hit the 3000 mile mark, indicating the total distance traveled from the beginning of our voyage 56 days ago. We made it past the halfway point to the Cape Verdes today with only 3 or 4 days to go, will tomorrow be today.

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