Location: Underway to the Cape Verde Islands

Another beautiful day underway. We continue to sail/motor/motor-sail towards the Cape Verde Islands and should arrive sometime tomorrow. After lunch we had OCB and MTE. During MTE we watched a video about Irving Johnson, a sail training pioneer who circumnavigated the globe seven times. We were also introduced to immersion suits, better known as gumby suits. These massive neoprene wetsuits are designed to keep you alive in frigid waters, but today their value was mostly for entertainment. After Sam demonstrated proper donning technique, we were all treated to some of the attempts of our fellow shipmates. Interestingly, James managed to achieve the best time, despite his broken foot. After class we had a meeting about Thanksgiving dinner. I had never considered before the challenge of preparing a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in the middle of the ocean, without any fresh food. Despite several offers to keep live turkeys in peoples bunks, I think we will have to do with canned turkey. However, there have been detailed discussions about the number and varieties of pie we should eat, so I think it will all work out. We finished up the day as usual with deck showers and dinner. We hope the wind continues to blow through the night so that we can keep sailing.