Location: St. Kitts

Today both open water and already certified students got to enjoy the wreck dive, River Tau in Saint Kitts. This wreck is a famous dive within Saint Kitts that is split into two parts, the bow and the stern of the ship. Despite some serious wind, the dive was very clear and enjoyable for all. Lots of sea life was spotted including, Eels, String Rays, and several reef fish. The rest of the day was spent on board. Students participated in an MTE class lead by Kevin, followed by some downtime on board. After a delicious dinner of chicken Caesar salad, it was all business as we got started on passage prep. Once everything was stowed away, anchors were raised, and we were on our way to Antigua. Shipmates demonstrated just how much they have learned by efficiently raising sails and getting us underway to Antigua after a great stay in St. Kitts. Everyone is excited to re-enter passage life and arrive in Antigua for some diving and shore fun!