Location: English Harbor, Antigua

Late last night, we started on our second overnight passage to Antigua. The night was rough, with the tacks and jibes throwing some of us out of our bunks (me). However, this morning we woke up to see beautiful clear, sunny skies and a foggy outline of the land of Antigua. We were all super excited to finally have a few days to relax, hang out, and dock the boat, which means freshwater showers and flushing toilets. We arrived in Antigua a little later than expected, but still, the crew was eager to throw the lines to the dock and try to regain our land legs. For dinner Kevin (real Kevin) made us spaghetti with spicy marinara that was instantly scarfed down by everyone. Finally, we are ending a long, wavy day with a game of pirate on the dock, and some knowledge reviews for the advanced open water divers who are finishing a navigation dive tomorrow morning. Welcome to Antigua!