Location: Underway to Nevis

Today started like any other day, early and ready to move on. This day was particularly special for many because this would be the first chance for those who just got certified to make a trip to town and pick up the very necessary supplies such as printer paper, Johnson’s baby shampoo, and candy. The morning started with a usual 7:30 breakfast, then raising the anchor, then a quick motor over to Road Town on Tortola. The first thing many of the students chose to indulge in was the luxury of free internet and a chance to call family and loved ones. As well as the reintroduction to technology, most chose to sample the local cuisine, which was nice because canned meat was not on the menu. After our bags, as well as stomachs, were full, we returned to the boat to get it into sailing shape. We cleaned up the lines and fenders, put away the tarp, and disconnected from the mooring ball. As our departure began, we experienced our first man overboard drill, 3 min. Not bad in my book. Then we began to sail into the open water, assembling into our three watch teams shortly after dinner, and on through into the night on our way to Nevis.