Location: Unedrway to Nevis

Today we embarked on our first passage to Nevis. The watch schedule consists of 3 hours on and 6 hours off, so much of our free time was spent sleeping. For several of us, last night was the first time we have ever been totally surrounded by water, out of sight of any shore. According to Will, only 20% of people in the world ever get to do that! It was nice to be able to bond with a smaller group of people since we have spent so much time with our watch groups over the last 30 hours. Though the waves were much bigger than what we had seen previously, overall, there was not too much seasickness. Bow watch felt sort of like a roller coaster! It was cool learning how to read the charts, and we got to know the Ocean Star a bit more intimately when we were taught how to do the safety checks in the engine room. Cooking and eating underway posed some problems we had not encountered at anchor. For breakfast, we ate cereal and granola on our own time, but we got together on deck for a lunch of sandwiches. Dinner was a delicious mix of rice and beans, with chicken, cheese, and salsa on the side. The only problem was that each element of our meal was small, so gusts of wind would sometimes blow our food overboard! We are very excited to finally arrive at the ever-approaching Nevis.