Location: Civitavecchia

When in Rome, we roam! This morning we had wake-ups at 5:00 am because we had a train to catch at 5:58 am to Roam! We all met on the dock at 5:30 am, and everyone was ready to go! We ended up being early for the train, but we had to run to it because we were confused about where we were supposed to go. But we made it in time! The train took about an hour to arrive in Rome from Civitavecchia. Once we arrived, we headed straight to the Colosseum. A group of us, including myself, went to a cafe with a gorgeous view of the Colosseum! Then we went inside the Colosseum! It was beautiful getting to look at the architecture and learning about some of the histories. We had 3 hours to explore the area and get lunch. After we re-grouped, we walked to the Pantheon. Once we arrived at the Pantheon, we went inside it for a bit. Then I walked around and got some more food while heading to the Trevi Fountain. A few of us threw some coins into the Trevi Fountain, which was a cool experience! We also took many photos.

Next, we went to Vatican City! Some people went inside, but my group did not. It was really cool getting to see it from the outside and checking out a store! After exploring Vatican City, we all met up to head to the train station so that we could head back to Vela. When we arrived back at the boat, the amazing staff made us pasta, beef, and more for dinner! It was one of my favorite dinners this whole trip! My squeeze question for today was: What was the most important lesson that you learned on this trip? Some of the answers were super deep, which was really nice to hear. To end squeeze, we all did a conga line around the boat while singing, “Yodelayheehoo!” It was such a fun way to end the squeeze! After the squeeze, Dylan made an announcement. It had something to do with the galley, which he called the kitchen, which was really embarrassing for him. Then I came down to the chart-house to chat with Calum, which resulted in me learning that I had been calling many things the wrong names. For example, I have been calling the lee cloth a leaf cloth this whole time, and I have been calling the cap rail the cat rail this whole time. It’s hilarious how it took me 68 days to figure out the correct names. (So embarrassing for me, haha). It’s crazy that this trip is coming to an end. I am going to miss everyone so much. This experience has been wonderful, and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my summer any other way. Also, just so everyone knows, all trains do NOT lead to Rome.