Location: The Tabago Cays, St Vincent and the Grenadines

The morning of the beach BBQ was a blur of yogurt parfaits and science classes, followed by a well-deserved afternoon of relaxing. Kylie, Miranda, and Claire found the newest member of our crew, Jerome, the inflatable giraffe, and promptly tied a leash on him and went for a swim around the boat. It turns out giraffes are avid swimmers, especially in a current that was trying to take him and the girls to Venezuela. The rest of the crew got their study on due to the impending midterms, group projects, and various and numerous other assignments. This trip also involves school, not just sailing around from island to island, living the paradise dream.
Finally, at 5 PM, a showered, ecstatic, and very hungry crew piled in the dinghy for a truly spectacular lobster beach BBQ. Not only were we served mountains of rice and beans, cabbage and carrot slaw, cheesy garlic potato boats, and fried plantains, but we each got grilled lobster halves that were dripping with butter.
After the carnage, we dispersed to swing on swings, climb trees, and a select few (Mari, Kylie, and I) learned to swing dance and found and made up constellations.
Full and content, we came back to the boat and fell asleep dreaming of the turtles we would see on our snorkel the next day.
Join us next time for Kylie’s account of our turt-actular day!