Location: The Tabago Cays, St Vincent and the Grenadines

Hello!!! We started today with some fantastic banana pancakes made by Margaret and Skye. I had the ever so important role of quality control. After breakfast, most of the crew had some laughs figuring out our futures with some games of M.A.S.H. and playing review hangman in preparation for the IYT exam tomorrow. Tina began our academic day with a discussion on the Relational Leadership Model and a debrief of our grueling, arduous adventure course on Sandy Island. Many of us are still recovering mentally and physically from the life-altering experience. A thrilling lecture on Invertebrate Chordates, Arthropods, and Echinoderms by Steve was to follow.
The chefs outdid themselves again, and the crew enjoyed a fantastic Thai peanut pork satay for lunch. This was followed by a snorkel off of a neighboring island where several turtles and a stingray were spotted. Transitioning from scuba diving to snorkeling was a bit of a surprising challenge for several of us as we quickly realized we could no longer breathe underwater. Carolyn, with her infinite talents, gave Dan a haircut on deck. He’s now Ocean Star’s Next Top Model.
The day ended with a delicious dinner, an oceanography lecture wrapping up our unit on ocean chemistry, and a riveting discussion on the Oxford comma. Shoutout to Margaret for taking some amazing underwater pictures and Skye for making a cake, and yet again, Happy Birthday, Jules!!