Location: Barbuda

“Distressed diver in the water!” That’s what we heard at 7:15 this morning (Just a training scenario, though). I donned my fins and mask and proceeded to jump in the water to rescue Matty while Tor continued to yell and (fake) panic. Shea was the spotter pointing to him. After a minute or two of swimming, I finally reached him and began to put the training I had received to good use. BCD came off; Matty got pulled up onto the deck while giving rescue breaths and eventually CPR. Everything went smoother than Teflon! After the exhausting swim and hauling Matty out of the water, we got underway to Barbuda only to be met by no wind and glass calm seas. As we got closer to Barbuda, the height of the waves increased to about 8 feet, and we couldn’t believe how big they were. We motored around the coast of Barbuda for about an hour before finding a suitable anchorage in the 8-foot swells. The period between our arrival and dinner was put to great use as we took our Rescue divers final exam, and we passed, with all A’s!!! The squeeze question tonight before dinner was, “What is your biggest holy cow moment ever?” which I thought was fitting to the big swells getting blown down from the East coast. After dinner, we had a review with Matty for an upcoming Marine Bio exam. All in all, it was a pretty solid day.