Location: Barbuda

After a rough night anchored off the coast of Barbuda, the 3-meter swells had become normal, and everyone was taking it in stride. However, we were still unable to make landfall on the beach on the west side of Barbuda. We stayed optimistic and surfed Ocean Star down the swells towards the south side of the island, where we found a protected anchorage. Soon after heading ashore, we hopped in the cab and were greeted by Mr. George Jeffries, who took us out into the largest bay in the Caribbean to see the Magnificent Frigate bird sanctuary. We were all privileged to get to see this area that has remained unchanged by humans. No resorts and sparse houses, along with a small local population, allow Barbuda to maintain its original essence. The birds appreciate it too, they come by the thousands here, some twice a year, from all over North and South America after fattening up on flying fish to mate and raise young. During the tour, we learned about birds as part of the OCB class as well, and how their beak and wing shape corresponds to their behavioral patterns. After lunch and a bit of study time, a rescue diver scenario commenced in that the crew had to search for a missing diver. Once the diver was located, they were found to be unresponsive and not breathing. It was the first time all the skills learned in class were put to the test, and the crew proved they knew their stuff. Everyone agreed that it is not easy and requires an immense amount of communication and organization to be as effective as possible. All smiles as the day comes to a close after a fun night of Bananagrams, the boat’s newest obsession.