Location: Barbuda

We kicked off the day with a double class morning. MTE followed by OCE. The classes aligned well, as they both were covering currents. The day before was a bit overcast, so as we came on deck for our 10-minute break between classes, we were pleasantly surprised at the stunning day in Barbuda. In regular life college, passing periods between classes consist of us scurrying from building to building, often in unpleasant weather. In Sea|mester college, passing periods is when we sit on a boat and admire the endless sandy beaches surrounded by bright blue waters. Today is a good day. After our morning classes, we had the rest of the day free to do as we pleased. All of us took this time to study for the OCB test looming over us. Fun was had during our study breaks, however. Some went swimming, Boots made herself a towel fort and watched a movie on deck, Brando became the dreaded fly hunter extraordinaire, killing at least 3 of those pesky flies. High up in the air, Mollie taught me how to tie ratlines. She is the best buddy ever! And together, all of us played a game we are, as of recently, freakishly addicted to Bananagrams. During dinner, we realized that we could see Antigua, St. Kitts, and Nevis from where we sitting in Barbuda. Amazing to see how we are going full circle around the Caribbean. After dinner, we faced that OCB test, killing it, obviously. Passage prep followed at 9 pm. Fearing the worst, everyone was mentally preparing for what could be a rough passage. The watch teams began, starting with watch team 1- Meg, Brando, Coach Ivy, and Captain Spice. Watch team two would take over at midnight, and my all-girls watch team went to bed, awaiting the pleasant hour of 3 am when we would get to sail this vessel to St Barths!