Location: Gustavia, St. Barths

Today started at 00:00 hours this morning as watch team 2 (Matty, Sam, Jon, and Noah) sailed us through the first half of the starry night, then Watch Team 3 (Molly, Boots, Shea and myself) took over until sunrise. As for us weary sailors took to our bunks to get a few precious minutes of shuteye, Watch Team 1 (Jack, Ivy, Meghan, and Brandon) brought us into anchor just outside of Gustavia on the island of St. Barthelemy. Upon arrival Ocean Star underwent her normal beautifying routine of getting her decks scrubbed, sail covers put back on, and personal bunks tidied. Feeling very thankful and proud to be living on such a sexy vessel, the crew hit the town to explore the many surrounding beaches, surf shops, cafes, and grocery stores. On the way to the beach, a trip long goal was accomplished for Jon and Boots as they found a skimboard to purchase. Good times ensued on the beach, as everyone had to take his or her turn testing it out.

Meanwhile, Brandon came along with me to provision for this next week, and we had a glorious time finding all our precious goods and deciphering the French labels. Once everyone arrived safely back on board, and the food was all put-away, another ferocious game of “Bananagrams” took place. Now that dinner has come to pass and clean up almost over, Marine Biology is next up for the crew, so without further adieu, Good Evening!