Location: Slipway, Antigua


It’s our girl BACK AT IT again with another blog. What I really appreciated was getting to stay up with everyone last night while we watched pitch-perfect in the saloon. It was such a nice last movie night, and we all actually stayed up until the end around 1130ish (which you would think isnt that late, but for the last three months, most of us have been going to sleep anywhere from 830-930pm). We all woke up at 720ish, pretty tired, and gathered for fizzes breakfast of eggs and toast. After breakfast, we started the most intense BA you would ever think is humanly possible. As Ash said, I dont want you to wipe; I want you to scrub(Ash 2022). So we switched between packing and cleaning until about 4 pm. Packing means leaving- and I do not want to leave.

We were hot and sweaty, but we gave Ocean Star the love that she definitely deserved. At 4:30, we went to take our last COVID test of the trip, then we gathered for some “casual” paperwork and to fill out dive logs. We got dressed up and then gathered for the long-awaited last squeeze. To start off, squeeze Isaac led a sea shanty we wrote for the staff- roll-on ocean star roll. The squeeze question was who would you punch, marry, and kiss for the students and who would you adopt, overboard, and sibling for staff. We all cried while saying our appreciation. This trip has been one of the greatest adventures of my life, and the people I have met, I have grown such a close bond with. The staff feel like my aunts and uncles, and they each inspire me in a different way. They taught me I could do hard things, how much there is to see in the world, and that I should follow what makes me happy. The students are my best friends. I can tell them anything, they inspire me to be a harder worker, and I can be completely myself around them, and there will never be a smile wiped off my face. I love them so much. It is an understatement to say I appreciate everyone on this boat and this opportunity as a whole. The crying during squeeze was followed by laughter as we talked about who out of the group each one of us would punch, marry and kiss.

We took some last family pictures and made our way over to the restaurant to have dinner. Having dinner with everyone was another highlight of my day. We had our last sign-out night and went to Trapas, which is a restaurant at Nelson’s Dockyard. It really did feel like we were coming full circle because it was about 80 days ago when we explored nelsons for the first time. We all came back to the boat and stayed up until 3 am, hanging out and enjoying each other’s company for one more night. I love you, Ocean Star.

Singing off for the last time,
Rae C