Location: 3 34.40'S 32 48.14'W

Wake-ups are easy when the smell of cinnamon rolls floods the galley and seeps into the bunks of sailors who are probably dreaming of food anyway. We started day 41 with delicious rolls accompanied with homemade frosting and mangos, but soon after received the news that our last day in Brazil would be cut short due to the historic surf swell that bombarded the surrounding cliffs all night and prevented us from reaching shore on a dinghy. Before passage prep, we took turns backflipping off of the bowsprit into the water. Experienced back flippers encouraged the newbies to throw themselves off the bow backward with words of inspiration like send it! or If youre waiting to feel like youre ready to jump, that feeling will never come! All in all, Respect the send was the motto of our morning.

Spirits were high in the following hours, and Argos crew had her cleaned up and ready for sea by 11:30. A study hall and oceanography class proceeded a lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup; then, the staff gave us a pre-passage debrief during which Ben (our captain) admitted that he didnt actually know where French Guiana (our destination) really is. Parents should not be worried, though. This group of sailors only needs the stars to find our way west up the coast of South America. The throttle sprung forward from neutral into gear, and we started our 8-day passage to French Guiana at around 3:00. Dinner included ribs, mashed potatoes, rice, and a much-needed bowl of salad. During dinner, we played a game of chicken with a very large oil tanker headed for Houston. The ship captain gave way to Argo in the end (he saw our red port running light, which means stand down), but we came within a mile of each other.

Sending love to Mom, Dad, Katie, Alex, and the dogs.