Location: Rosseau, Dominica

What’s up, friends and family of the Ocean Star crew!
It’s ML here. This morning started with an early delicious breakfast of apple crumb cake made by Sara and her sous chefs before we rolled into clean up and got ready for our morning excursion, a boat tour of the Indian River. We left Ocean Star on anchor with Nick while the rest of us got to go on a very beautiful tour up a river in a small row boat. The tour ended in a peaceful garden with a small drink stand that served coffee, tea, and local juices. While the first half of us waited in the garden for the second half to finally meet us, we enjoyed some delicious and refreshing guava juice, and some of us enjoyed coffee as well. Once we all arrived, we had oceanography class in the gazebo where we learned about shore processes since the tour technically counted as a class since periodically, throughout different parts of the tour, half of us used the YSI probe and tested for the salinity of the water and the other half used the secco-disk to test the visibility of the water. While on the river, we got to go by calypso’s hut from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Once we got back to Ocean Star, it was time to get off the anchor and motor down to a new part of Dominica, where we will be for the next few days doing some excursions and diving in a marine-protected area. While motoring here, we had leadership class where we spent half of the class learning about Dominica from Eva and Clara, while the second half of class was led by Ash, and we discussed our personal and group SMART goals for the rest of the trip. As a crew, we came up with a list of nine group goals. Our goals for the rest of the trip are:

1.Help one another!
2. Faster at sail raising
3. Say something kind to each person once a week!
4. Finish BA in less than 2.5 hours
5. Games twice a week after dinner
6. Raise sail drop with no staff!
7. Don’t miss excursions because we’re being slow
8. No skin infections
9. Comfortable talking to one another about issues in a kind and respectful manner.

Once we hooked onto our mooring ball, Heather got back with provisions, so while the chefs were cooking us a delicious dinner of pasta and focaccia bread, most of us were downstairs helping to put away provisions. We did squeeze during dinner, and today’s question was, “do you collect anything, and if so, what?” and I honestly feel like each person’s answer gave a better understanding of each person. After dinner, we had a check-in meeting before doing clean-up and getting more information about tomorrow’s plan. Once I am done writing this, I’m getting into bed since we have a huge day tomorrow as we do our most strenuous hike of the trip, called the Boiling Lake hike.
Hi, Mom, Dad, Nene, and Bailey I love and miss you guys so much!