Location: Saba

Some of the best diving sites in the world are on this small rock here in the Caribbean. One of the few but proud Dutch islands in the West Indies, Saba is literally rough around the edges and hard to get into town, as noted in yesterday’s blog. Today was full of diving and no class! We were split up into two groups so everyone could experience what Saba is notoriously known for. We still had lots of fun during our two multiple-dive sessions. The four dive sites were named Ten Reef, Hot Springs, Shark Shoal, and Man-o-war Shoal.
Shark Shoal lived up to its name, and the group saw about 3 or 4 large reeks sharks slowly circling in the blue deep below them. The hot springs were amazing because the sand was hot and had a weird yellow color due to the old volcanism that created this island a long time ago. Ten Reef had amazing underwater cliffs and a swim through where we saw some enormous fish. It is called this because of an overhanging cliff up on the mountainside of Saba that looks like the number 10. Once again, very creative with their names, the Dutch are. Man-o-War Shoal was named after the old pirate Man-o-War ships that tried to come close to shore but would hit the reef instead, causing them to sink at that location.
The diving on Seamester continues to amaze us. Every time we go down, we see new species and get to witness organisms and behaviors we have learned about in our classes onboardthe perfect weather made for a bright warm day once we got out of the water. Dives teams were met back on Ocean Star with tasty meals for all of us to enjoy, always appreciated after diving. We have loved our time on Saba but are now excited to be getting ready for our last night passage of the semester, which will bring us back to the BVI, where it all started some 70 days ago!