Location: Underway to Saba

Day 83 began bright and early at 0430 for watch team one, as they did final sail preparations before raising anchor at 0500 for our 24-hr sail to Saba. This is our last long passage of the trip and shipmates took advantage of their off time to complete PSCT coursework, study for final exams, and finish/start their marine species logbooks – which are due in a few days. After a lunch of grilled sandwiches and guacamole, we had Marine Bio, where we had our last lecture about estuaries. In oceanography class we reviewed for our final by playing a round of team Jeopardy. It was a close game until after the final round, at which point the scores were 0 to 0 to -200. We then had our last Tell Tale meeting with Leah to discuss the final issue. After class most of he crew enjoyed what would be their last underway deck shower. During dinner we celebrated Erika’s belated birthday (12-05) with Funfetti cake and frosting. We all look forward to arriving in Saba early tomorrow morning and enjoying a full day onshore exploring the island.

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