Location: Portsmouth, Dominica

Day 82 began like most days with a hearty breakfast but instead of hiking or having free time we were going to dive. Everyone was very excited that we were diving with a real dive company and not just from our dinghy. And this was no ordinary dive company; this was the group that Sam used to work with, so it was really cool to meet some of his old buddies. We were split into two groups and the first group went to dive at two sites, including one cave. They saw many tropical fish and even a sea turtle. While the first group was diving, the second group had shore time. Willie, Stephanie, and I are all going for our rescue diver, so we spent the morning working on our skills, and watching the very entertaining PADI diver videos. After lunch the second group, including myself, went diving with the dive company. We did two awesome dives, one wreck dive and then a drift dive. The drift dive was very interesting because as it turned out we entered the water and were going against the current the entire time. The group that dove in the morning had some shore time and went on a tour of the Indian River Valley, where they filmed a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean. After the second dive group got back, we were happy to see that all of the sail preparations had been finished. This meant that there was one less thing to do before we could have our beach barbeque and night out. Our beach barbeque was really fun. There was fish and chicken, as well as the best pumpkin rice you could ever have. This was one of the best days of diving we have had and we are very excited for this next long passage to Saba, as it is our last sweet taste of underway life.

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